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We are the trustworthy source and pioneers for Himalayan Salt tiles wholesale supplier dealing all over the world in all kinds of salt products, providing you the astonishing quality of salt tiles at the most competitive prices because the best quality and price is our motto and these are the main concern and satisfaction of the customer. We also make customized designs according to customer’s requirements.

If you are looking to build/construct Himalayan Salt Walls, SPA etc you may need Himalayan Salt Bricks at wholesale for best quality and price affordability.

Himalayan Salt Tiles

Himalayan Salt Tiles can be used for the purpose of construction, giving a warm and delightful look to your home and working places. It is also used for salt therapy treatment at spas and salons. The design of every tile is unique in its own way because the tile itself and the crystals from which it is transformed are of different sizes and shapes.

Each tile is handcrafted by our highly skilled and experienced craftsman giving them a perfect look to make your walls look amazing, making your environment pleasant and your mood relaxing.

Versatile Designs of Himalayan Salt Tiles

The salt tiles have become an important part of home décor these days. They come in different stylish shapes and compositions. Any shape and any size can be produced that can completely transform your house interior incredibly inspiring, stylish and charming just like other tiles. Also giving you the benefits of a pleasant environment free of harmful rays.

Benefits of Himalayan Salt Tiles

The Benefits of Himalayan salt tile are not limited to providing your interior elegant and astounding look but it also provides you with numerous immediate health benefits to the human body in a number of ways:

Solves Skin Problem

Many Dermatological problems like acne, lupus can be solved with the use of Himalayan salt tiles in the room

Know to Cure Asthma, COPD, Cystic Fibrosis

They are also beneficial for the cure of allergies and respiratory problems like asthma, COPD, cystic fibrosis and best to have it in your bedroom

Decorative look to your Home or Office

The natural pink shade occurring from Himalayan Salt Tiles gives a decorative looks to your home and office interior.

Delevate stress, anxiety and depression

The negative ions in the salt tiles helps your body delevate stress, anxiety and depression.

Purify the air in the surrounding atmosphere

The heat of the salt walls purify the air in the surrounding atmosphere with any adverse effects on our body.


Sitting calmly on the floor inside salt walls and breathing salty air gives you a halo-therapy

Cleansing of your feet

Rubbing your feet on Himalayan salt tiles will cause your feet to sweat which is a natural way of cleansing of your feet

Difference between Himalayan Salt Tile & Himalayan Salt Brick?

Normally, Himalayan Salt tile(s) and Himalayan Salt Brick(s) both are used as synonyms for each other yet there is a difference in their construction. We being Himalayan Salt Tiles wholesalers, Exporters and Himalayan Salt suppliers while talking technically,

Himalayan Salt Brick is 2 x 4 x 8 or 1 x 2 x 8 inches (H X W X L) is called a salt brick as its being used in construction of Salt Walls & Salt Rooms.

Himalayan Salt Tile can be of any size but with at least 5 sides with proper cutting or 6 maximum. These can be as thin as 1” for Himalayan salt floors and can be as thick as 1.5” to 2.5” when used as Salt cooking plate.

Common Questions asked about Himalayan Salt tiles

Who is leading Exporter of Himalayan Salt Tiles in Pakistan?2021-11-07T00:40:28+05:00

Himalayan Salt Pakistan is among the leading exporters of Himalayan Salt Tiles in Pakistan with superb quality, timely shipping and best prices.

What is Himalayan Salt Tile?2021-11-07T00:34:29+05:00

The versatile pink-hued Himalayan salt tiles are normally just for decorative walls and floors. They are being crafted from Himalayan Rock Salt as per required sizes to be used in construction of Salt Rooms for Homes, Offices & Spa’s.

Whereas, Himalayan Salt blocks also resemble with Himalayan Salt tiles but they are best known for cooking as they are little expensive as compared to Himalayan salt tiles and Salt bricks. The reason being these titles have least amount of clay and sand in them making them more edible as compared to previously said.

Is Cooking on Salt Tile Healthy?2021-11-04T20:34:20+05:00

The salt tiles are extremely versatile they can also be used for cooking and serving many food items, They are efficient cooking essential’s that add natural salty flavor to recipes like sushi, fish and seafood, and grilled items. See more information on Himalayan Salt Cooking Plates 

How long do salt tiles last?2021-11-04T20:33:09+05:00

If you take proper care of them, a Himalayan salt tiles can last you for many years. A Himalayan salt block will last as long as you treat it well

Do you offer Custom sizes for Himalayan salt tiles if ordered in Bulk?2021-11-04T20:31:30+05:00

Yes, we do offer custom sizes as per your requirement for Himalayan salt tiles as we only deal in bulk quantities. Price of Customized Himalayan Salt tiles varies as per your quantity and weight you need with respect to time line given.

What is your MOQ (minimum order quantity) for Himalayan Salt tiles wholesale?2021-11-04T20:30:57+05:00

Our MOQ varies on quantity and weight of the Himalayan salt tiles you order. But it has to meet 4 MT at least

Where to buy Himalayan salt tiles in Bulk?2021-11-04T20:30:08+05:00

You can buy Salt tiles in bulk quantities from Himalayan salt Pakistan at very affordable prices without compromising on the quality. We offer timely shipments with one window operation from start to end of your consignment.

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