Himalayan Salt Pakistan

Himalayan Salt Pakistan is among the most authentic sources of premium Himalayan Rock salt products you can purchase at wholesale. We are being in Salt Industry for quite some time and by end of 2020, we have successfully completed out export consignments to 70+ countries serving more than 1000+ Himalayan salt consignments. Currently, the Himalayan Salt Pakistan is serving 400+ clients and by grace of ALLAH, we have long list of our returning and satisfied clients.

Mine, Manufacture & Supply Himalayan Salt products worldwide

Himalayan Salt Manufacturer

If you are in search of a reliable Himalayan Salt Manufacturer, wholesaler & Supplier of Himalayan Pink Salt Products. Whether you are a supplier in your local area, importer, wholesaler, or brand, you can count on us without a doubt as to bring you the best in term of quality, customer support and above all price competitiveness.

We take care of each batch of Pink Himalayan Salt products we export (supply) with starting from mining of Himalayan Salt to production of Salt products With skilled staff in our manufacturing to packaging every Himalayan salt product is quality checked to provide premium Himalayan Pink Salt products for our customers.  Contact us right away as we are Himalayan Salt Suppliers locally & Internationally.

We are fastest growing Himalayan Salt manufacturers & exporter and the most trusted source for authentic salt products like Salt Lamps, Salt Blocks, Salt tiles & Animal Salt Licks to the wholesalers, importers and retail markets throughout the World.

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Cutting Himalayan Salt blocks, pink rock salt cutting for tiles, pink rock salt processing for salt bricks
manufacturing geometrical shapes of Himalayan Salt Lamp
Himalayan Salt Lamps in warehouse, Himalayan Salt lamps

We will be your ultimate partners in providing you best for your brand and wholesale business

Bulk Himalayan Salt Exporter in Pakistan

Himalayan Salt is very popular and highly demanded all over the world because of its Health & therapeutic reasons

Himalayan Salt Mines were first discovered in 16th century in foot hills of Himalayan mountain range and these are the world’s best and 2nd largest deposits of natural salt. With our skilled work force, expertise in salt procurement and processing, making us the most efficient and reliable bulk Himalayan salt exporter in Pakistan. Contact us as we are Himalayan salt suppliers in Pakistan known for Premium Quality and efficient shipments.

Himalayan Salt Wholesale

Following are our main Himalayan salt products which you can order at wholesale from us as we are Himalayan Salt suppliers with experience and expertise in exporting to your country

Himalayan Rock Salt Suppliers

By providing best quality natural Himalayan Rock Salt with fastest shipping process we convert raw Himalayan rock salt into proper salt blocks

But at times, our customers need best quality Himalayan Rock Salt and we being Himalayan rock salt suppliers also supply them in a raw form as well. As at times, different facilities in different countries need Himalayan rock salt, we have them covered as well. If you are looking for Rock salt suppliers in your area, we offer the best rates and premium quality.