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Animal Salt Licks wholesale supplier

Animal Salt Lick wholesale suppliers
Animal Salt Licks wholesale supplier2021-11-12T17:14:12+05:00

Just like humans, animals also have a natural craving for salt for the betterment of their immune systems. Himalayan Animal Salt lick has natural minerals potassium, magnesium and calcium, zinc, and sodium which are important essential for animals whether they are pets, livestock, or wildlife creatures. This Animal salt licks works as a natural supplement mineral that is beneficial for the proper functioning and development of animals.

Animal Salt Lick Wholesale Suppliers

If you are a farmer or into the livestock business you probably need a bulk quantity and you will have them at your farm as we are Himalayan Salt Lick wholesale suppliers. Our Himalayan salt licks for animals are essential for the healthy growth and nourishment of your farm animals i.e. horses, camels, or cattle. As these minerals are recognized globally as basic essential in the livestock diet, this Himalayan salt has all the essential minerals that are required for the proper functioning of farm animals’ bodies.

Himalayan Animal Salt lick wholesale

Himalayan Lick Salt Manufacture

Being Himalayan salt lick for animals manufacturers, we make sure that you get the best Animal salt licks at wholesale prices with premium quality and sizes you need for your farm animals. As we are Himalayan salt licks manufacturers as well, and it is very easy for us to provide you the required sizes for salt licks you need.

Himalayan Salt licks which we offer are full of enrich 84 essential trace minerals containing no preservatives and additives, we are one of the best manufacturers and pioneers of Himalayan salt in the Pakistan. Our Himalayan Salt is naturally harvested from the ancient sea bed of the salt mines in Punjab Pakistan. Our salt licks are 100% organic made of a hole drilled through a pure pink salt block.

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Himalayan Animal Salt Lick Exporter

We are the most reliable exporter and supplier of Lick salt for animals at the most economical rates, which have outrageous weather resisting ability and are widely available in different sizes and shapes. So, you can add this salt licks with the regular diet of animals for a proper and balanced diet. They can also be hung with ropes so the animal can easily lick them and this process prevents wastage, this also lets the salt lasts longer, and improve the health condition of your animals.

Himalayan Animal Salt Licks

The regular diet of animals is not sufficient enough to provide them the credentials of natural trace minerals, neither the soil nor plants because the little salt they contain will mostly vanish through rainwater, Animal salt Licks in that way become useful to provide minerals such as copper, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, and others to the animals.

Salt Lick for Cattles

Livestock animals also need better resistance and reproduction that’s why Himalayan Salt supplies vital nutrients that are essential for strong tissue, nerve, and immune system which is important for wellbeing in cattle. That is why most beef disturber requires salt for the better health of their cows. Salt is a fundamental mineral for Cattle, and they need to eat it routinely.

Himalayan Salt licks for Horses

As horses are very useful animals for humans in ancient times for traveling or in wars, now days horse racing is very famous and they are also used in sports like polo, so every owner of the horse wants it to be wellbeing. They require proper care in terms of their health, for having essential nutrients and balanced died and Himalayan salt becomes a significant part of their diet.

Salt offers a vital source of minerals and fills in as an electrolyte on warm days replacing what is lost from sweating while competing or traveling, elevates the intake of water, and lessens dehydration. Salt intake is commonly known for further developing nutrients and minerals for healthy blood flow and the making of cells in horses.

Salt Lick for Wild Animals

The sizes of salt licks vary according to the size of the animal, a few people use different types of salt licks to attract wild creatures like deer, Moose, or squirrels for hunting or wildlife photography purposes. They are also used in zoos and wildlife parks for animal feed as salt is an important source of bioenergetics resources for all animals.

Wild creature researchers might utilize salt licks as well, to help them in following wild creatures and can be used as medication purposes of animals, so in that case, make sure to use original Himalayan salt licks instead of fake ones which can have terrible effects on animals’ bodies.

Benefits of Himalayan Salt Licks for Animals

Salt is a very significant and important component of animals’ food just like human beings. A lack of salt can cause many issues and illnesses. That’s is why people utilize, rock salt and its items alongside ordinary feed to satisfy the amount of salt intake for animals.

You can consider a salt lick is a store of minerals utilized by humans that ensures the proper intake of salt intake which is enough to enhance the nourishment and growth of their animals, A wide combination of creatures, basically, herbivores utilize salt licks to get fundamental supplements like calcium, magnesium, sodium, and zinc.

Some of the advantages of Himalayan salt lick for animals are

  • The Saltlick increases the consumption of water helping them being hydrated

  • Help in proper blood flow in their body and organs

  • Give an Instant boost to Immunity to ensure they fight against illnesses

  • They provide the right amount of required minerals for healthy growth development of animals

FAQs –  Salt Lick

How to make Hamster Salt Licks?2021-11-09T22:17:28+05:00

Salt licks are usually safe for hamsters to use even though they don’t need them. However, like most other items too much salt intake can be bad for a hamster. It might be a good thing to only give them the salt lick every once in a while.

Why Salt Licks for Animals?2021-11-09T22:16:57+05:00

Salt licks have rich mineral salts used as supplements for the nutrition of animals, ensuring enough minerals in their diets. Numerous animals, primarily herbivores use salt licks to get essential nutrients like calcium magnesium, sodium, and zinc.

How do Elephants create Salt Licks?2021-11-09T22:16:27+05:00

Larger herbivores such as elephants often need natural mineral deposits such as rocks and soil to supplement their dietary intake of sodium whenever the mineral is not obtained in adequate quantities from woody plants and natural water which elephants consume.

Why do Cows have Salt Licks?2021-11-09T22:15:59+05:00

Salt consumed in the right amount in the form of salt licks or feed can help your beef cattle maintain normal appetite and body weight, as well as help increase feed consumption and weight gain in heifers and stockers by promoting faster growth.

Why do Animals need Salt Licks?2021-11-09T22:15:33+05:00

Animals such as deer, sheep, goats, cattle, and elephants make regular visits to the salt resources in nature to get the minerals they need like calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, and sodium. As salt is a basic necessity for any living thing just like humans.

Why do Horses need Salt Licks?2021-11-09T22:15:07+05:00

Both the sodium and chloride found in a typical ‘salt lick’ are vital for proper thirst response and body fluid equilibrium. The horse’s body is approximately 70% fluids, which include water and electrolytes. Salt help cells function properly, creates electrical impulses to fire nerves and make muscles contract, and aid indigestion.

Why do Horses like Salt Licks?2021-11-09T22:14:35+05:00

Horses have a natural appetite for salt. When available, most horses will consume enough salt as they do require about 1-2 ounces of salt per day to provide help to meet their requirement for sodium and chloride. Sodium is important for muscle contraction, conduction of nerve impulses, and digestion of protein.

Why do Deer need Salt Licks?2021-11-09T22:13:57+05:00

Salt licks, also known as mineral licks, are necessary components for providing animals with a nutrient diet. They contain essential mineral nutrients of salt deposits and trace minerals such as phosphorus, iron, zinc, and calcium

How do Deer find Salt Licks?2021-11-09T22:13:30+05:00

Harsh weather exposes salty mineral deposits that make deer from miles away for a taste of needed nutrients. It is thought that certain fauna can detect calcium in salt licks.

Why do Horses have Salt Licks?2021-11-09T22:13:03+05:00

As Horses lose large amounts of the essential mineral in their sweat and if it’s not replenished, an electrolyte imbalance in their health may develop. In addition to shade and a source of fresh water, every summer horses need to have a salt block to lick.

How to make Salt Licks at home?2021-11-09T22:12:31+05:00

The simplest ingredient that is required for making a salt lick are bones, salt, and clay. Pound and sift clay from a termite mound. Then mix two parts rock salt, four parts bone meal, and one part of termite clay, and add enough water to create a paste. ( but it’s better to buy Himalayan Salt Lick if you need it)

What are Salt Licks used for?2021-11-09T22:10:35+05:00

A salt lick is a deposit of mineral salts used by animals to supplement their nutrition, ensuring that they get enough minerals in their diets like calcium, magnesium, sodium, and zinc. Sometimes artificial salt licks are used in livestock to attract or maintain wildlife.

Why do animals like Salt Licks?2021-11-09T22:10:04+05:00

Animals make regular visits to the salt resources in nature to get the minerals they need like calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, and sodium. As is the case with the salt licks provided by Mother Nature, manmade licks are also frequented by a variety of other animals such as rabbits, squirrels, and birds. Farmers have historically provided salt licks for their cattle, horses, and other herbivores to encourage healthy growth and development

Why Do Cows Need Salt Licks?2021-11-09T22:09:19+05:00

Much like humans, they are the essential building blocks for a living being to perform at best. The interesting thing about salt is that cattle have a natural “urge” for it. This means that unlike the other minerals they will actually seek it out.

Why Do Deer Like Salt Licks?2021-11-09T22:08:36+05:00

It is because those licks are rich in minerals that deer need, especially in the springtime, for a healthy diet. As they need sodium in their diet, generally people put the salt licks on trails commonly traveled by deer. Licks with added flavors, minerals, and nutrients can be even better.

What is Salt Lick?2021-11-09T22:08:06+05:00

A salt lick is a place where animals can go to lick essential mineral nutrients from a deposit of salts and other minerals. Mineral licks can be naturally occurring or artificial. Natural licks are common, and they provide essential elements such as phosphorus, sodium, calcium, iron, zinc, and trace elements required in the springtime for the growth of cattle or wildlife animals.

What are Salt Licks for?2021-11-09T22:07:40+05:00

A salt lick is a deposit of mineral salts used by animals to supplement their nutrition, ensuring that they get enough minerals in their diets. A wide assortment of animals, primarily herbivores, use salt licks to get essential nutrients like calcium, magnesium, sodium, and zinc.

Where to Buy Salt Licks for Deer?2021-11-09T22:07:14+05:00

Himalayan salt licks provided by Himalayan Salt Pakistan are ideal for attracting deer into the exact area in front of high seats as deer and boar regularly visit these licks to get their nutrients.

Where to put Salt Licks for Deer?2021-11-09T22:04:18+05:00

A great deal of discussion has been devoted to the location of salt licks, but the bottom line is that deer usually find salt licks regardless of their location. A favorite location for many deer managers is to put a lick in the corner of each food plot. Research has shown that clay soil works best for the base.

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