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Himalayan salt block is a plate or slab made of Himalayan salt used in place of natural table salt contains a slightly higher amount of natural minerals such as potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium, and sulfur serve as a natural cooktop to take benefits from pure salt. You can use them for both making and serving foods free of chemicals and additives.

Himalayan Salt Block Wholesale

We are the best and the largest manufacturers and wholesaler of Himalayan salt blocks which are naturally harvested from khewra salt mines in Pakistan. This salt is considered the World’s most perfect salt because it is protected from all pollutants and it is rapidly replacing table salt as it provides numerous medical advantages to human beings. We can provide multiple salt blocks of different sizes and shapes in bulk quantity as per our client requirements providing them new ways to prepare and serve food.

Himalayan Salt Blocks Vs Salt Tiles

Most commonly, people refer Himalayan Salt tiles and Himalayan salt blocks as same, yet there is a difference between both. The Himalayan Salt blocks are thicker than Himalayan Salt tiles which are thinner. These salt blocks are normally used for cooking purposes.

Secondly, Not each and Himalayan Rock Salt is edible. As for Himalayan Salt Lamps, Himalayan tiles and Himalayan Salt Bricks being food grade does not matter much. But for True Himalayan Salt Block which you need for cooking must be extracted from mines whose salt has minimum impurity trace. That is why the salt blocks are expensive as compared to Himalayan salt tiles. Himalayan Salt blocks are thinner than salt blocks but thinner than bricks.

Always ask for certificate of authenticity before buying salt blocks and make sure the are 100% edible because you should never compromise on your health. No other blog nor any website talks about it and the reason being mostly they are not Himalayan Salt Manufacturers.

Himalayan Salt Cooking Block

To start Cooking on Himalayan salt plate, you must know that it can be heated up to a temperature of 370°C so you can cook almost anything on Himalayan salt blocks, it’s a natural way to kill bacteria from food. You can use it to serve appealing platters for a variety of hot or cold dishes.

As it adds unexcepted texture and flavors to your meals increasing the nutrient content of your meals. Food made on salt block is very beneficial for your bones and muscles as they own calcium and potassium in them.

How to Use Himalayan Salt Blocks for Cooking?

Salt Plates are commonly salt blocks made of Himalayan salt that can be used to cook, grill, or bake. Salt is the most important and valuable ingredient for most foods since every cell in the human body contains salt. Cooking your food on a natural Himalayan salt plate adds an extra sizzling and saltish taste to your cuisine.

Himalayan salt blocks for Cooking

Preparing your food on a 250 million-year-old pure mineral salt block. What better approach to bring the delicious taste and nutritional benefits of natural trace mineral salt to your table? The Himalayan Salt blocks can be warmed or heated to as high as 450 degrees Fahrenheit and used to cook a wide range of mouth waterfall food sources. When the cooking is done your salt block will gradually get back to room temperature later which can be used as a serving plate.

Himalayan salt blocks for Cooking

Himalayan salt blocks for Cooking

Preparing your food on a 250 million-year-old pure mineral salt block. What better approach to bring the delicious taste and nutritional benefits of natural trace mineral salt to your table?

The Himalayan Salt blocks can be warmed or heated to as high as 450 degrees Fahrenheit and used to cook a wide range of mouth waterfall food sources. When the cooking is done your salt block will gradually get back to room temperature later which can be used as a serving plate.

Himalayan Salt plates for serving cold foods

Himalayan Salt plates for serving cold foods

A Himalayan Salt Block can work as a perfect serving platter, just put your block in a refrigerator for almost 2 hours. When your cold food like sushi, cheddar cheeses, bacon veggies, frozen desserts are ready put them on the block.

In the case to prevent your food from over-salting you can put your servings on the smaller and modest sides of the Himalayan salt plate, limiting their contact with the block.

Salt plate For Baking

Salt plate For Baking

Slowly Preheat your oven or stove to prevent your Himalayan salt block from cracking in the oven. After that, place your pizza, scones, or other prepared products on a durable heating sheet on the center rack of your oven, and prepare your food in your usual manner, the salt block will add a pleasant trace of natural minerals to your food.

Salt blocks For Grilling and Barbecuing

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Start by putting your dry-block on a burner or outside barbecue grill, then, at that point, gradually raise the temperature until you reach around 500℉ (260℃). You can check the salt block’s cooking temperature through a thermometer or by sprinkling a couple of drops of water on it, if the water started to evaporate, your salt plate is probably ready for use.

You can either use a couple of silicone utensils or metal cooking tools for flipping or turning the food or place your food directly on the block. Try to prepare your food into fittingly estimated pieces. Things that cook rapidly will in general work best — since the more extended food stays on the Himalayan salt plate, the saltier taste it’s probably going to get.

Benefits of Himalayan Salt Blocks

As fitness is the new fashion, you probably hear of Himalayan Salt! It’s the most recent pattern in smart dieting, Yes, its uses are not simply restricted to decorations or treatment of allergies and cleaning our skin and air. Himalayan Salt blocks or plates are being utilized to serve food and even as a substitute for cooking utensils.

  • Himalayan salt is viewed as extremely nutritious, when you cook or barbecue your food on Himalayan salt, clearly, the salt from the block will penetrate into your food.

  • It not only nourishes or make your food presentable, but the 84 rich natural trace minerals also have significant health benefits for your well being

  • Salt Blocks are Safe Material for Your Food and it’s a good replacement for your daily cooking utensils such as aluminum and plastic which have been considered unsafe by some people and cause illness.

  • Himalayan Salt can also be used as the Energy Booster, as it is said to contain the high potential energy that it has absorbed from the Sun and the Earth.

  • The Pink Himalayan salt has a pinkish-orange shade, this beautiful shading can make your food presentable when set over a salt block.

  • Himalayan pink salt blocks can be utilized over the oven or grills just as for barbecuing. Just Start from low heat and gradually increase the temperature.

  • You can use a Himalayan salt block to add saltish flavors to food not cooked on it.

  • Also, you can keep away from the utilization of table salt in case you’re cooking over the Himalayan salt squares. The unreasonably refined dye treated salt isn’t useful for you in any case.

  • The Himalayan salt has a lower sodium content compared to other ordinary table salts, yet enough to keep up with the body’s fundamental essentials of pH.

  • Cooking over the salt block has plentiful benefits for people having blood pressure, sugar, and respiratory issues.

Cleaning Salt Blocks

Wondering How to clean salt block? You can easily clean and remove remaining food particles from it with a clean, wet cloth or tissue paper. Let the salt block dry for almost a day after exposure to moisture and do not run tap water on the block as it can cause breaking. Although Himalayan salt is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. But for your satisfaction can use lemon juice to freshen your block from time to time.

FAQs – Most Common Questions about Salt Blocks

What do Himalayan Salt Blocks?2021-11-07T00:29:08+05:00

Cooking on a Himalayan salt block will add healthy minerals to food and your food will be infused with the 80+ minerals found in the salt. Not only are these healthy, but they will also impart a more complex flavor profile to your food.

Why is everyone Buying Himalayan Salt Blocks?2021-11-07T00:28:21+05:00

The Himalayan pink salt block is catching on and for good reason. Not only do these colorful prehistoric crystals gives us numerous health benefits, but they also add healthy minerals to food and a more complex taste than table salt.

What are Pink Himalayan Salt Blocks?2021-11-07T00:27:35+05:00

As their name tells, Himalayan salt blocks are large slabs of Himalayan pink salt that have been made specifically for the purpose of cooking. They come in a range of sizes and serve as a unique way to cook, cure, chill and present food. Many Regard, Himalayan Pink Salt as the King of Salts.

What is the deal with Himalayan pink salt blocks?2021-11-07T00:26:43+05:00

Cooking over Himalayan Salt blocks can give us many other health benefits. Many claim that this salt can improve blood circulation, support respiratory functions, and keep blood sugar concentration in check, among other benefits.

How long do Himalayan Salt Blocks last?2021-11-07T00:25:55+05:00

The average life span is generally about two years before replacing or re-grinding due to its surface becoming too rough for good contact with food items. But there are some tips you can follow to extend the life of your Himalayan salt block.

What are Himalayan Salt Blocks?2021-11-07T00:24:58+05:00

A Himalayan salt block is a slab of Himalayan pink salt, which is similar to regular table salt but contains a slightly higher amount of minerals, such as potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium, and sulfur. Himalayan salt blocks also make visually appealing platters for a variety of hot or cold dishes.

How to care for Himalayan salt Blocks?2021-11-07T00:24:13+05:00

Salt is naturally antimicrobial, but that being said, it’s probably best to clean your salt tile or block after each use to avoid it imparting off-flavors from your current food to the next dish you make on it.

If hot, allow your block to cool completely first. Try to keep the block as dry as possible. Store in any location where humidity is at a minimum. If you live in a humid climate, wrap the block in a towel and put it in the cupboard.

How to use Himalayan Salt Bricks for cooking?2021-11-07T00:23:13+05:00

Never Use Himalayan Salt bricks for cooking. As most of them are not  crafted from 100% Edible Himalayan Salt. As Himalayan Salt has different grades and also have food grade which most of the people dont know.  Always use Himalayan Salt Cooking plates which are expensive and are healthy just as salt with minimum amount of  sand & clay in it. Heat your Himalayan salt block to high temperatures and sear thinly sliced meats, fish, vegetables, seafood, and other quick-cooking foods. Or, chill it for use in serving sushi, appetizers, cold meats and cheeses, fresh fruit and vegetables, and even cold desserts.

How to cook Salmon on a Himalayan Salt Cooking Tile?2021-11-07T00:18:36+05:00

Your Himalayan salt tile can break in the oven. To avoid this from happening, slowly preheat the tile on a grill or stovetop. Place your salmon on the salt tile and then place the salt tile on top of a baking sheet directly in the middle of the oven. Now, cook your salmon as usual.

What to do with a Himalayan salt block?2021-11-07T00:17:40+05:00

Himalayan salt Block can be used to prepare and serve a variety of foods. As they conduct heat efficiently and at high temperatures, they’re suitable for baking or grilling meats, poultry, eggs, fish, seafood, fresh fruit, and vegetables. They can also be used for making walls and salt rooms in your house, restaurants, and spas, etc.

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