Colorful Himalyan Salt Lamps Pakistan

Himalayan salt lamps Pakistan have the ability to clean the air. Depending on the size and surface of the salt used in the manufacture of the Himalayan salt lamps Pakistan, the surrounding air is purified by the hydrogen and oxygen conversion cycle, as well as sodium ions and chlorides. This feature is especially useful in relieving symptoms associated with asthma and allergies in general.
Scientific research over the past decade has clearly shown that the proportion of ions balanced with a slight increase of negative ions can have very positive effects on our health and overall fitness. According to research, hot crystal Himalaya salt lamps can be compared with natural ions sources.

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Colorful Himalayan Salt Lamps

However, it should be emphasized that the emission of ions produced by these lamps should not be considered the main property, because, from a scientific point of view, the surplus of negative ions is insignificant.

The search for clean air or cleaning properties is based on the work of crystal salt lamps on medical treatment called “speleotherapy” which involves taking a patient to an underground salt mine for this purpose. Exposure to concentrated atmosphere in negative ions.
No further scientific research has been conducted yet under medical supervision because it is still in its infancy. The therapeutic effect of a simple salt crystal lamp cannot be compared to the observed effects of the Himalayan salt lamps under medical supervision. However, there are some positive and comprehensive self-healing outcomes that can be classified as self-scientific and must be recognized and considered.

Himalayan salt lamps Pakistan and electromagnetic drowsiness

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The electromagnetic belt surrounds the earth and inside this belt, all forms of life come and go. As a result, all forms of life on the planet depend on the strength of this field of electromagnetic vibration, known as Schuman resonance frequency. This frequency proves that the frequency of this electromagnetic field is 7.83 Hz (cycles) per second. This value is recognized as the resonance of our Earth. Is a frequency scale that is most often applied to mammals and can be found in the brain during brain planning.

The crystallization of salt, in its normal state, refers to the exact value of this vibration frequency. But due to our industrialization and mechanization of life, especially in our homes and offices, the human being is influenced by wavelengths in different frequency values due to electronic devices.

It has been shown that these frequencies not only disturb our body but also cause diseases, because they constantly invade our natural resonance. As a result of this continuous exposure to different frequencies, our electromagnetic field becomes saturated, which changes the evolution of our cells.
Due to the atomic structure of the salt, which is already neutral, the synthetic frequencies are more likely to be harmonized or balanced by the illuminated salt lamp, acting as a natural amplifier for the resonance frequency from 8 to 10 cycles per second. The second necessity of our lives.

Using a crystalline Himalayan salt lamps from Pakistan salt lamp, we can naturally regulate and neutralize electromagnetic wavelengths emitted from electronic devices.

Effect of colors on our body and our heart:

  • Orange: Provides a sense of security and is beneficial to our nervous system and mind. Stimulates the kidneys and bladder.
  • Yellow: Enhances mental understanding and stimulates pancreas, liver and gallbladder.
  • Red: Strengthens vital strength and stimulates heart and circulatory system.
  • Rose: Supports the sense of belonging and love and opens our emotional body.
  • White – has the effect of cleansing and detoxification which is soothing.
  • Brown – Help to find your balance and enhance a realistic personality.

Light crystal lamps and light waves:

When we talk about light, we believe, mostly in the energy field of vibrations or electromagnetic waves found in the visible nanometer range of the human eye. In color therapy, it is recognized that the human body needs light waves from the spectrum of the rainbow (300-700 nm) to maintain its health and body.
The cells of the body receive light using new energy in the form of electromagnetic wavelengths. Therefore, the atomic composition of each individual cell vibrates in a clearly defined order, and can emit vital photons as a specific electromagnetic field of the cell.
The special vibrational values of the brine crystal lamps depend on the color structure of the crystal in a range of warm clay grades ranging from 600 to 700 nm. For decades, the drug has used monochromatic light rays, while vibrations of color have a direct effect on the functions produced by our cells.
How can a crystal salt lamp be used as a natural radiotherapy? This remains to be seen in subsequent investigations. However, crystal salt lamps have been used for therapeutic purposes for years.

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