Are Salt Lamps from the Himalayas Safe for Cats

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Himalayan salt lamps can do a number of good for your home. Not only do they provide a comforting glow throughout the home, but they are also said to have beneficial health effects, such as reducing anxiety, improving sleep quality and reducing susceptibility to allergies. Depending on the amount of Himalayan salt lamps you have at home, you could greatly improve the quality of your air.


But what if you have a cat? We have all heard the saying “Curiosity has killed the cat” and whoever owns one of these furry felines understands how curious it can be. Cats like to explore and understand their home completely. And, unlike most dogs, cats can jump relatively in relation to their counters and tables, greatly increasing the chances of encountering their Himalayan salt lamp. So, what if they do?

There are two possible problems with cats and salt lamps in the Himalayas. The first is the damage factor. Despite its reputation, not all cats are funny. As the owner of a cat, you may have already seen this moment: your cat jumps on a table, very confident in his abilities, to land on a magazine and slide towards you as it falls to the ground.

Himalayan Salt Lamp you can rest knowing that your Himalayan salt lamp will probably not affect your feline friend in a negative way.

Since Himalayan salt lamps are usually placed on tables or shelves, a fall could have disastrous consequences for your precious property. Salt crystals, although difficult to touch, are quite fragile and easy to splinter. Even if your cat just removes the lamp a few feet, it may be enough to crack or damage your product.

But let’s say that your cat does not spill its salt lamp from the Himalayas, is there any danger if he licks it? The basic answer is: not really.

Salt is not naturally toxic to cats. Despite this, there is bad information that suggests that if your cat simply licks its Himalayan Salt Lamps for Cats salt lamp, it will be seriously threatened. It just is not true.

“The problem is this: Himalayan salt lamps and pets really complement each other.”

Any excess food is bad for anyone. The same goes for salt and cats. Of course, if your cat licks his lamp excessively and does not drink water, it could be a problem, as if we were eating too much salt and not rehydrating, we could get sick.

However, any animal, cat or man that works normally, would simply drink water if it gave too much salt. In fact, for some animals (most farm animals), “salt cans” are sold to promote salt consumption.

cat hugging salt lamp

Now, we do not recommend licking cat salt, but having a salt lamp in your home does not present any inherent danger to your cat. After all, look what this girl feels for her salt lamp.

The problem is this: the salt lamps of the Himalayas and the pets really complement each other. Many people with pets enjoy the benefits of their salt lamp, while playing with their boyfriends in their charming splendor.