7 Top Signs that your Himalayan Salt Lamp is a Fake 1

Wondering where to buy Himalayan salt lamp? You can find them easily online and in stores. But unfortunately, a Himalayan salt lamp hoax is possible here are 7 top signs that your Himalayan salt lamp is fake. For Bulk orders you can contact us as we are Himalayan Salt Lamp wholesaler suppliers.

If you’re in the market for an authentic Himalayan salt lamp, you want to do your homework to make sure you choose the best option possible. We being the miners, manufacturer & exporter of these Himalayan Salt lamps, have been asked so many times, how a consumer can differentiate between Real Vs Fake Himalayan Salt Lamp?

To address this problem, we are listing down 7 Top signs that your Himalayan salt lamp is a fake, to be sure that you are buying from a legit source and have original product by the end of the day.

Before you proceed further, be sure that you know what is Himalayan salt lamp? There are said to be several ways to tell if you have a salt lamp that’s the real deal. Unfortunately, some of these characteristics will only be made known to you if you read Himalayan salt lamp reviews very carefully or, the less desirable scenario, once you’ve been actually using it in your home or office.

signs that your Himalayan salt lamp is a fake